Choosing where to study is one of the hardest decisions you will make in life. According to students, Belgrade Metropolitan University is ranked #1 for quality of studies.


Belgrade Metropolitan University offers a mixture of excellent facilities and opportunities and welcomes students from all over the world. The University has a well-established reputation for innovative teaching, learning, and industry relevance. We have strong relationships with industry, our graduates are highly regarded and we are the most targeted university by recruiters. Our degree programs are up to date and informed by the needs of organisations, with guest speakers and conferences adding value to your learning experience. You will gain the required skill set and knowledge to help you achieve your career ambitions.


Belgrade Metropolitan University is located in the southern part of Europe, more precisely in the Balkans, in the capital of Serbia – Belgrade. Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe and the largest urban area in this region, located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Lush history that has played in the territory of today’s capital of Serbia – Belgrade will leave you breathless. Belgrade has established itself as one of the brightest centres of culture in the whole region. Its diverse cuisine and vibrant cultural scene (not to mention the 200 days of sunshine per year) all add to Belgrade’s high quality of life. Unforgettable moments that you will experience and later retell your friends will not leave you indifferent, so one day you may want Belgrade to be your new address for life – because all you need is waiting for you in one place and in one city.


The location is another advantage of the Belgrade Metropolitan University. We are located in the most beautiful part of Belgrade, on the very bank of the Danube river, right where you can find a large sports and recreation centre „Milan Gale Muskatirovic“ with swimming pools, sports and football rentals, fantastic fitness centre „Sky Wellness“ and tennis courts „Novak tennis centre „. The city centre and the Kalemegdan Park are less than 1km away from the university, so everything is accessible to you at your fingertips.


Belgrade Metropolitan University is one of the leading higher education institutions in Serbia whose aim is to educate future experts, professional leaders ready for future society challenges. What we consider our primary advantage is the quality of education we offer, as well as our connections with the business society. We educate professionals who are able to solve the most complex problems and create their own business based on new ideas. Particular attention is paid to the development of economy and society by encouraging applied research and developing its results into innovative products, together with our business partners and start-up companies. Along with the necessary knowledge, graduates of Faculty of Information Technologies, Faculty of Management and Faculty of Digital Arts are developing learning skills, creative and systematic thinking and entrepreneurship, simultaneously applying their high ethical standards and professional principles.



Belgrade Metropolitan University is the first university in Serbia which is accredited for online studies. Online degrees are equally recognized as those earned after completing traditional studies. Belgrade Metropolitan University has the most modern eLearning system in the whole region which implies:

  1. Studying anytime, anywhere, following a student’s needs and pace;
  2. Studying from any city or country with no transport or accommodation expenses;
  3. Access to study materials from any PC, tablet or mobile phone;
  4. Multimedia lectures and practice, digital format study material available 24/7;
  5. Consultation hours with lecturers are organized at the University or online, lecturers and administrative staff reply to all students’ emails within 24 hours