In order to provide best education for our students, we introduced the following changes:

  1. We introduced four years long bachelor academic studies and one year long master studies
  2. We introduced new attractive study programmes: SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, COMPUTER GAMES and INFORMATION SYSTEMS in the area of computing.
  3. These new programmes, as well as the existing programmes in the field of computing – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, are in line with the newest recommendations of the American professional associations IEEE, ACM and AIS. Furthermore, the other study programmes are significantly improved and updated.
  4. We started applying a new eLearning system   – LAMS, which applies the most modern technology in eLearning, and we prepared new curricula which the system offers to our students
  5. We acquired the newest computer equipment (a big IBM server) and we have significantly accelerated our internet connection which should provide pleasant work of our students
  6. In order to make the possibilities of studying easier, for our freshmen students we have prepared:
    • A large number of scholarships which are offered in various scholarship schemes
    • For the first time, we offer bank loans for tuition, with repayment after four years


„In simplest terms, we offer more and better, in much better conditions. Belgrade Metropolitan University continues its mission to provide top quality education, since we believe that it is the only way to provide the passage to quality and highly paid work position. The point is not in studying per se, nor in gaining a university degree only. The most important thing is to study the right thing, at the right place, with the right method – to get the real job.
Join us. Here, the student is in the center of our attention. „


Professor Dragan Domazet
Rector of Belgrade Metropolitan University