Belgrade Metropolitan University – Belgrade
Belgrade Metropolitan University // Tadeuša Košćuška 63, 11000 Beograd // Tel: +381 (11) 203 08 85, +381 (69) 203 08 85


Belgrade Metropolitan University, as a higher education institution, has always aspired to improve itself in every aspect. We provide most modern study programmes taught by top experts in their areas. However, all of that would not be possible without top conditions for work ad learning. You can find us in the attractive location in Tadeuša Košćuška 63, by the Sports center „Milan Gale Muškatirović“, by the Danube.


We invite you to come and visit us and our premises.


Your Belgrade Metropolitan University



Belgrade Metropolitan University  – Niš
Belgrade Metropolitan University  // Svetog Cara Konstantina boulevard, 80-86, 18000, Niš // Tel: +381 (18) 551 000


The business – educational center of the university in Nis can be found in the new location, on the following address:

Bulevar Svetog Cara Konstantina 80-86 (former management building og the Industry).


Prospect students can study Information technologies, Information Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Games, Business and marketing, Management in sports and Graphic design in this location.


All students in this center follow the hybrid internet and traditional studies with everyday practical tutorials.
One of the key objectives of this type of education is development of skills for team work for the fulfillment of the common objective of integration of personal initiative and group cooperation, development of skills for effective communication and efficiency in work with clients, users and colleagues, both verbal and textual, use of adequate terminology, as well as comprehension of the need for continuous learning during the entire career. Belgrade Metropolitan University is specific by the methodologies is applies since, other than the skill for team work, it develops creativity and individually in their work. The University develops the ability of students for innovative thinking, new approach to problems, ability to integrate and implement new technologies and investigative spirit. Leadership qualities and high professional and ethical standards is what we ask of them.


Come and visit our premises in Nis.