Mission of Belgrade Metropolitan University

The mission of Belgrade Metropolitan University is to contribute to the educational, cultural, economic and social progress of Serbia by providing advanced bachelor and master academic studies in the area of information technologies, arts and management, as well as continuous professional education. Belgrade Metropolitan University provides students with introduction to modern technical concepts and practice in several scientific and artistic areas: Information technologies, Information systems, Software engineering, Computer Games, Engineering and Operations Management, Business and Marketing Management, Management in Sports, Graphic design, Interactive media design and Fashion design.


Students are educated to identify and evaluate modern and upcoming technologies in order to determine their applicability in problem solving for users, as well as analysis of the impact of technologies on individuals, organizations and the society, including ethical, legal and political aspects. It is necessary to demonstrate comprehension of best practice and standards, as well as their application, demonstration of independent and critical thinking and skills for problem solving.


One of the main objectives of education of this type is development of abilities for team work for fulfillment the common objective by integrating personal initiative ad group cooperation, development of abilities of effective communication and efficiency in work with clients, users and colleagues, both verbal as well as textual, by using adequate terminology, as well as comprehension of the need for continuous education during the career. Belgrade Metropolitan University is unique by the methodologies it applies, since other than the ability for team work, creativity and individuality in work is further developed. The University develops the skills for innovative thinking, new approach to problems, ability to integrate and implement latest technologies and investigative spirit. Leadership qualities and high professional and ethical standards are what we ask of from our students.


Thanks to the partnership with leading companies such as IBM, ORACLE, Apple, Microsoft, SYBASE, Spinnaker and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, students make use of the newest technologies. Upon completion of the curriculum, along with 300 hours of professional internship, students are completely prepared to work on most challenging business tasks.


From the Faculty of Information Technologies to Belgrade Metropolitan University

The Faculty of Information Technologies – FIT was created in 2005. It was built on the principles of the Bologna declaration for the European education system. The curricula in the areas of information technologies were in line with the recommendation of American information professional association IEEE and ACM, which direct the curricula of American universities in IT fields, along with needs of companies, government and other organizations. Due to that fact, the degree from FIT is easily globally recognized.


As a pioneer in introducing distance learning, FIT enabled, for the first time in Serbia, internet study options for students who do not live in Belgrade, or are employed and cannot attend lectures. The modern market dictates needs for directed education of prospect employees. FIT has always followed those needs and from the first years of its existence, along with Information Technologies, developed six other study programmes in the fields of management and design. The specifics of the methods of studying at FIT built a sign of recognition which was continued at the more powerful institution, Belgrade Metropolitan University.


There are three faculties at present:

Faculty of Information Technologies  – FIT
Faculty of Management  – FM
Faculty of Digital Arts  – FDU


The objective of Belgrade Metropolitan University is to become not only a university with regional impact, but also a university on the world scale.