• Duration of studies: 10 months
  • 60 ECTS
  • Online teaching, consultation of your choice – online or directly with professors
  • Scholarship price 1500 Euros, with good conditions and installments
  • 10% discount for students from the University of Metropolitan


It is no longer enough to acquire only bachelor’s degree. Competition for good jobs is constantly increasing. Are you ready to enter the race? Make the next step. Master Metropolitan Studies at the University in duration of 10 months represent a step forward in your future development. Marketing Management program is created specifically for those of you who want to express yourselves as leaders in attractive and dynamic areas. The unique formula of our University is in the effective combination of online studies that save you time and money and a direct work with the teacher as a mentor.

Master Studies at Metropolitan University in duration of 10 months represent a step forward in your future development. Marketing Management program prepares students to solve complex business problems they are yet to be expected. The knowledge acquired in this program will be of significance not only at your first employment, but also throughout the entire professional career.


It is no longer enough to acquire only bachelor’s degree. Competition for good jobs is constantly increasing. Are you ready to enter the race? Make the next step. Master Metropolitan Studies at the University in duration of 10 months represent a step forward in your future development.

Metropolitan University provides eLearning system which is the latest trend in the region. This type of study is particularly suitable for those of you who are already employed and want to upgrade your knowledge. Access to learning material at any time makes it easy to synchronize your daily work duties with obligations that studying demands… READ MORE


MK420 Strategic Marketing
The aim of the course is to train students to think strategically and to understand marketing strategy as an essential area of marketing management. How to choose and implement the appropriate course of action to the selected target markets to ensure growth and development of the undertaking in a competitive market is the main intention of this course. Upon completion of the course the student will be able to make strategic decisions, to proactively work in the market by making decisions that will ensure long-term market competitive advantage. Course content: The concept and development of strategic marketing; The need for a strategic approach to marketing; Basic phases of strategic marketing planning; Management of strategic issues (marketing decision making); System information for strategic marketing decision making; Strategic market analysis; Consumer behavior and marketing strategy; Instruments of strategic marketing planning; Marketing mix and marketing strategy; Strategic marketing in the global market; Implementation of strategic marketing.
MK531 Communications and Public Relations
Acquiring knowledge in the field of public relations, as well as acceptance of the importance of the role of different forms of communication in today’s business environment. Modern business conditions that are burdened by fast and unstable business environment, impose even clearer role of direct and constant communication with all participants in the creation of new products and / or services. Communication among employees, as well as communication with the social environment is a prerequisite for successful business. This is how instead of communications and public relations in general, either on the internal or external levels, we must study and search for those public relations that can provide the best business results. Development, implementation and application of public relations strategy in the real systems in an unstable environment, including the ability to evaluate the results. The improvement of knowledge and communication skills with internal and external public, with continuous monitoring of modern achievements in the field of public relations.
MK410 Marketing Management- Advanced level
Segmentation and targeting markets; Management and creation of brands; brand positioning; a new concept of competitive advantage; managing the development of new products to achieve long lasting competitive advantage; qualitative and quantitative market research; advertising strategy and management; design of market distribution channels; evaluation, analysis and marketing management by using Customer Equity; utility and consumer marketing; wide management and business market; managing the sales organization; Marketing management in the information age.
MK520 Brand Management - Advanced level
The course and its content cover issues of specific definition of a product in the minds of consumers but can be defined as a separate company’s strategy on subtly selected market segment or segments. Traditionally, the brand products or services were regarded as an addition to the product. However, more recent view is that the product is only one element of the brand. Brand is seen as a promise of set of attributes given in a manner that a person who buys a product or service gains satisfaction. Brand is a combination of a set of attributes (such as product), benefits of the consumer (the needs and desires that meets) and value (what connects consumers to the product). Brand is made when marketing adds value to the product in the process of differentiation from other products with similar attributes and benefits.
MK480 Advertising - Advanced level
The acquisition of advanced knowledge and skills in order to achieve a highly professional attitude towards advertising, advertising agents, producers and recipients of advertising messages, the principles of advertising, customer relationship i.e. customers, marketing agencies and advertising, system relations: Media – Advertisers – Market etc. Perception, understanding, adoption and application of the basic concepts and categories in the field of advertising. The course enables students to manage advertising and communication processes of both profit and non-profit nature. The first is more common and refers to the presentation of business – production system and its products and services to the target customer segment and / or the public in order to inform them and make sure that it meets their needs, fulfills their desires and expectations and thus influence the decisions of clients and / or the public. The second relates to the promotion of institutions, government bodies, groups, clubs, parties and any organizations that aim to inform the public about certain ideas, programs, activities that are of interest to the public, wider or narrower. The focus is on the traditional communications form of advertising: the purpose, the selection of media, the definition of messages, measuring the effects, etc., wherein the media is being analyzed in a broad sense and compared to each other. Also, the student is being introduced to the laws concerning advertising and broadcasting.
Sales Management - Advanced level
The course Sales Management – advanced level deals with sophisticated strategies and techniques of sales management in a national and international environment. The students of master lectures will learn to set up a single framework for leadership and sales to establish a culture of healthy and highly productive sales in their organization and for their team. The management of traditional and new sales channels and customer perception is also a subject of study. Students learn how to set the price strategy, how to set goals and production, market and territory planning sales and marketing in the market, lead productive teams and optimally manage time and meetings. It is also important to master how to prepare incentive compensation and bonus programs that deliver results. Human resource management in sales management is a critical aspect of sales management.
MK585 The project of market research
The aim of the course is to enable students to work in a team on a project in order to show their knowledge in the field of market research on a specific product, product group or services. Through research the project should direct students towards the application of gained knowledge and towards their final thesis in the field of market research.
MK445 Negotiation and lobbying
The course provides knowledge affecting the greater ability of students to solve problems and conflicts in a variety of situations, promote negotiation skills and leadership capacity for exerting influence. It examines the theory and dynamics of both disciplines and their methodologies, as well as various strategies of negotiating and lobbying in business, industry development, politics and NGO sector. The first part of the course covers negotiation through topics: the power of perception, distributive and integrative negotiation; Tactics for obstacles and pitfalls; complex negotiations among parties and multiple cultures; mediation and developing of a personal style of communication. The second segment is engaged in lobbying and covers topics: business and political lobbying in Serbia and the EU; old and new types of impacts; Ethics, transparency and corruption; creating programs and advocacy role of the media.
MK595 The final paper
The Diploma Supplement


Employers seek independent and trained leaders with a good knowledge of marketing and management. In addition to undergraduate studies at Metropolitan University, Master’s Studies prepare you for new challenges in your career and contribute to the success in different areas. In the era of hyper competition marketing is an essential part of every company. Business opportunities that break open with master’s degree from Metropolitan University are all around you, at home and abroad… READ MORE


In addition to high-quality and practical eLearning program, there is a special bonus for our students. Starting from the 2015/16 academic year, we are introducing special activities that provide much greater value to your studies. We provide you with the opportunity to take part in master classes and workshops during the weekend of April 2016. Master class enables you to solve real practical problems in the field of marketing management, develop case studies of marketing, sales, communications, branding, and business negotiation together with teachers, mentors and colleagues… READ MORE



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Faculty of Management at Metropolitan University nourishes excellence through superior programs and cutting-edge research in a number of areas, including management, marketing, consumer behavior, communication, negotiation, lobbying, research of the market place and others. Our institution has been accredited for 10 years and is an internationally recognized institution, while our greatest achievements are our many graduates and post-graduates in the top domestic, foreign and their own successful companies. Students have a mentoring program of high quality and a personalized supervision of educators who do not only provide the necessary basic knowledge and skills, but also enthusiasm for research and awareness of the scientific challenges of the present and the future.

The new team of the Faculty Dean’s Office looks forward to continuing the hard work at cultivating excellence in research and teaching and on the constant improvement of working conditions. Finally, one of the key tasks of the Office of the Dean has been to continue to develop relationships with the environment and to raise awareness of our faculty and scientific challenges of our time.